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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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sean: now at noon, back behind bars. he' s served time for the murder of a police officer. now he' s facing a judge for another alleged crime. we have the latest. kevin: certainly a quiet start to the week but two systems are on the maps. the details and timeline for both ahead. ,sean: election recount. who came out on top in manchester' s mayoral election and by how many votes? and back for round four. we have a preview of tonight' s gop debate. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sean: good afternoon. i am sean mcdonald. a man who served 17 years in prison for his role in the
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murder of a police officer is back behind bars. kevin paul was arrested in boston as a fugitive from justice. paul stood by as gordon perry shot and killed epsom police officer jeremy charron. he made parole in may. but now police say that paul was part of burglary ring. ray brewer is live outside circuit court in goffstown, where police are hoping to arraign paul later today. ray: at the time, paul was paroled, jeremy charron' s mother expressed her doubts that he had been rehabilitated. now paul stands accused of taking part in a burglary ring. police in the municipalities of concord, hillsboro, and henniker burglaries. police also think the ring may have been involved with illegal drugs. cnet is parole hearing, kevin paul said at the time he had a plan for being a productive member of society, but police say that was far from the case. among the items stolen from the
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homework 2 handguns. police say that after the burglary, paul fenced the stolen weapons. >>' s role was he came to town with the 2 suspects broke in the house and he received the 2 firearms specifically. >> it does involve methamphetamines. we have more information on the type and quantity at a later date, but that is the drug we believe was involved with this. ray: concord police say they are not sure if paul was involved in any burglaries in their city, and under investigation. meantime, where police are hoping to arraign paul later this afternoon -- among the charges, possession of stolen property, being a felon in possession of deadly weapon, criminal. ray brewer, wmur news 9. news. manchester police are responding to a bank robbery at the bank of new hampshire on hooksett just
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after 10:00 this morning. police say the suspect passed a note to the teller demanding cash. he made off with an undisclosed amount before escaping on a bicycle. he was arrested a short time later. a salem man was arrested for allegedly manufacturing and possessing child porn. salem police say 33-year-old brian powell was arrested yesterday on 3 counts each of manufacturing child sex abuse images, 3 counts of possessing child porn, and 3 counts of certain use of computer services prohibited. powell could face additional charges. two men who admitted to killing a madbury teen last year will be sentenced today. michael tatum and zachary pinette each pleaded guilty to second degree murder in exchange for their testimony against tristan wolusky. prosecutors say the men were armed with knives and a machete when they lured 18-year-old aaron wilkinson from his home in madbury with the intent of robbing him of money and drugs. instead, they killed him and dumped his body along a road in maine. charges of first degree murder against pinette and tatum were dropped as part of the plea deal.
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wolusky was convicted of first degree murder for his role in the killing. the state has recommended 30 years in prison for each. and nashua police arrest a man accused of attacking his girlfriend on halloween. police say 34-year-old miguel pagan of lowell, massachusetts, allegedly strangled and sexually assaulted the woman. pagen' s bond is set at $50,000 cash surety. turning now to the heroin epidemic. tonight, the bedford police department is hosting a "substance abuse summit." the public is invited to attend. police will be discussing the threat posed by substance abuse, particularly heroin, and what needs to be done to combat the issue. the summit starts at 7:00 at the manchester christian church on old bedford road. we' ve enjoyed some nice weather recently, but things are changing. here' s a live look from our manchester cam. it' s dry now, but it won' t stay that way.
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have 2 rain chances the next few days. clouds have been increasing for the southern half of the state, while the farther north you go, we have been enjoying the sunshine, allowing temperatures in a lot of locations to jump into the 50' s for one more afternoon. that arm of showers north of new york city and continuing to lift northeastward. a couple of those voltages seven communities in time for the evening commute. elsewhere, temperatures in the 60' s for the afternoon. heels for thursday. all the details and the timing of it and we will look at the changes coming beyond both of those systems coming up. sean: turning now to commitment 2015 coverage, ted gatsas has manchester. more than 20,000 votes were recounted yesterday, and the final results show gatsas defeated challenger joyce craig by 64 votes, as opposed to the 85-vote margin announced immediately following the election. craig released a statement
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thanking her supporters. as we get closer to the presidential primary, another candidate is visiting the granite state today. a veteran' s roundtable event in derry. later, she will head to dartmouth college in hanover. republican candidates for president square off at the 4th gop presidential debate tonight in milwaukee. the latest polls show ben carson and donald trump in a dead heat, far ahead of the rest of the s megan hughes has more on what to expect. megan: tonight marks the first the left all the candidates complaining. what do the candidates expect tonight? here is donald trump on "good morning america." mr. trump: i have no idea what is going to happen but it will be interesting. megan: the donald and carson are even in terms of popularity with republican voters, although carson trumps trump went the
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question is but to all americans. mr. trump: you hit somebody in the face with a lock, go after your mother with a hammer, and that is supposed to make you credible. megan: carson could be target tonight. it weeks with the reports have questioned the truthfulness of stories in his autobiography, from his violin used to -- violent youth to a scholarship at west point. mr. carson: you asked me about something that happened 50 years ago. megan: marco rubio faces questions about these of a credit card as a state legislator. mr. bush: i' m a huge marco fan. megan: the moderators are vowing that this debate will focus primarily on voters' books. sean: all right, well, coming up, accusations of state-sponsored doping. how russia is responding to the
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and spirit of giving. how one local group is helping abused and neglected children. kevin: showers on the doorstep later on today and this evening, and then tracking a second system back to the west. sean: and in today' s "grow it green," we' ll show you how to easily spruce up your garden walkways before the next
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sean: a major doping scandal at the olympics has russia on the offensive, denying allegations of state-sponsored cheating and corruption. we have just learned that the ioc has asked for disciplinary action and could strip the country' s metals. elizabeth: allegations of doping, cheating, and bribing, according to russian president vladimir putin, are unfounded. putin firing back at the scathing report that russian track and field athletes used drugs in the 2012 olympics, sweeping all the races including the women' s 800 meters. >> this is one of the biggest annals rock international sport in quite some time. elizabeth: despite russian denials, the world anti-doping
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systemic, that the russian government and secret agents helped stage a cover-up. >> it is worse than we thought from others unlike other form -- unlike other forms of corruption affecting results on the field of play. elizabeth: the agencies to manning that the russians be stripped of all their medals. >> i hope we will see the medals owed to me. elizabeth: which means that american athletes could earn a bronfman appeared >> sometimes you wonder why you are actually crying, and it is an actual human emotion to be feeling a lot. elizabeth: the agency calls for rush to began from international games, including next year' s rio olympics. a criminal investigation is also been launched, and fifa says it is closely monitoring the situation as russia is set to host the 2018 soccer world cup. the international olympics committee has the final say, and they gave russia until friday to
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elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. sean: football practice will resume today at the university of missouri, after 30 african american football players said they wouldn' t play until the university system' that' s exactly what president takes full responsibility for the frustration of students. students were upset over what they saw as wolfe' s indifference to racial tensions at the school. shooting of a texas state judge authorities say the man was arrested on a unrelated fugitive warrant, and has a connection to judge julie kocurek. she was shot and wounded last week in the driveway of her home in austin. police believe the judge may have been targeted. the person in custody is being questioned but has not been criminally charged. today, fast-food workers nationwide plan to walk off the job. workers in nearly 300 cities are expected to stage protests at numerous restaurants. the group representing the workers, fight for 15, is pushing for the federal minimum
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hour. today' s protests are expected to be the largest since they were launched three years ago. wmur has kicked off our spirit of giving campaign, where we highlight charitable organizations around the state during the holiday season. most people are familiar with the retail traditions of black friday and cyber monday, but how about giving tuesday? it' s a global movement where charitable generosity is center stage. court appointed special advocates, or casa, is a voice for abused and neglected children in the courts. this year it is asking you to considering supporting its mission on a regular basis. >> the goal is to bring in 25 new monthly donors. >> those funds will help us support 100% of the children in the state of new hampshire and that is our goal for this year. sean: casa has been navigating for new hampshire children for more than 25 years. you can find out more about the spirit of giving efforts on our
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website, it is the time of year where we will highlight the great groups in the state of new hampshire. kevin: not feeling quite like the season as he walked through the door for the afternoon. it looks like we will see some cooler air. sean: plus, it is time to start thinking about repaving your walkways. time for our u local hot shot. this is a bobcat our own ray brewer spotted in his yard. he named him kitty. we think it' s a him. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u local members by logging onto who grew up he went to public schools, then college, where the work fighting injustice and inequality,
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speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> now, meteorologist kevin with your stormwatch9 forecast. kevin: there were spots in the upper range of the teams this morning, and it looks like most folks are up into the 50' s this afternoon. one more day of statewide highs in the 50' s as we slid closer to the averages. a lot of high clouds. high overcast in southern areas of the state.
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you will see the trend of the clouds continuing to work their way northward through the afternoon. it does look like as we watch the showers make their way northward, extreme pub and starts of the state, late this afternoon, and possibly for extreme southern areas, in time for the evening commute with a few light showers. from there it gets more organized for the evening. one third to maybe half an inch of rain not out of the realm of possibility for a good part of the state south of the white mountains. the main push of the moisture stays offshore. but there should be shower activity between late this afternoon through about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures making their way upward. one spot, lighter winds sinking into the valley after a cool start to the morning in concord, should warm up with that of a light breeze in the 50' s. that is a marginally cool air back to our west. a second system and behind that, the cooler air is what we will have in the air mass that will
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be in place for the actual weekend itself. there was a look at it for the afternoon. the main push of moisture working its way through southern areas in the afternoon and evening hours. if you have more organized rainfall, light to moderate rain, the is overnight tonight and for the future here -- first to daylight hours tomorrow. there may be a few breaks in the overcast tomorrow afternoon. likely we start off wet in a few areas. that continues through tomorrow evening and early thursday. then more clouds start building in. more showers will be coming northeastward. that is the push of the drier air with the breeze we will have on friday that eventually will start to clear things out in time for the weekend with partly to mostly sunny skies. the upper-level system friday night will roll through northern areas and there could be next showers eventually coming with that. beyond that, we are likely going actual weekend itself. temperatures this afternoon are s. the mid-30'
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s in the north country to mid 40' s in southern areas. and then you will notice each of the next six days, temperatures close to where they should do for this time of year, which is the upper 40' s to the lower half of the 50' s. for tomorrow, early showers and skies trying to brighten in places for the afternoon, then you notice the second system from looks like there' s afternoon and thursday night, pulling away early friday. that will set up a good timing for the weekend but it will be a dryer brees on friday and a cooling breeze on saturday with a partly to mostly sunny skies. let' s go to "grow it green." >> welcome to today' s "grow it green."we are at the landscape construction program. i' m joined by margaret hagen. over the years, people have installed pavers, but they break down. margaret: after 10 to 15 years, your patio or walkway will have some we growing through it. some of the pavers are going to be uneven.
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he needed to lift of those and then you need to restore the sand bed that they rest on, and once you have done that, replace your case pavers. ray: installing an edge restraint, why is that important? margaret: if you don' t, your walkway will separate out. you can buy this at a hardware supply store and is them about one foot apart. >> step three involves pressure washing. why do we need to do that? margaret: to get moss all the stones or debris. clean them up a little bit. >> it we are with the step 4 and we have some stand. what we doing with this? margaret: it is to stabilize the joints. you can' t just use any --
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>> our final step is ceiling. what we going to do here? margaret: we are going to be using this water-based sealer and this will bring out the color on the brakes and will help to seal the sand in a little bit. ray: we have had some great help today to tell us about who these people are. margaret: these are students in the landscape construction program. they are working towards a two-year degree and they will come out with hands-on experience that will allow them to take the certification super-employable.
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to the climate crisis, think again. in america, clean energy is enough power for 18 million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting over one million jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership of wind and sun, the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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sean: some wisconsin college students who recently got out of the military are cutting up their uniforms as a way to write about their experiences. the first-year student-veterans at uw-stevens point will make combat paper from the shredded uniforms. it' s for a class which helps the former service members transition back into civilian life. the cut-up uniforms go into a paper-making machine. then the vets will write about their experiences. talk about recycling. there you go. kevin: write on their own
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we will look at a stated forecast and see a lot of upper 40' s and lower 50' s, and that is after a couple systems go through. the air mass in place for the weekend, as it sounds now -- if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, look pretty good. sean: just got to bring your sweater. starting tonight at 5:00, children as young as 8 are showing signs of heart disease. why weight is the contributing factor. and possibly feel like you were running out of time? app that cut down the time you wait in line. s that does it for us. have a great afternoon. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer:
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right to rise usa is responsible
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i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college
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affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
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